“we were standing outside and he kept staring at my eye. Eventually, he asked me how it was possible that the tree was reflecting in my eye so much! Hahaha”

As a kid, I always sat up straight, even when I was just a couple months old. I wanted to see everything, and with my very big eyes, of which one is of course incredibly strange, people would often stop to look at me. Some even thought I was a buddha! I have always loved my two-colored eye. I believe that somehow our eyes are connected to our soul – you can see passion, love, disinterest and anything else through someone’s eyes. As such, I have always felt very fond of having a two colored eye as it is something so special and unique (although all eyes are). Although I am planning on donating everything when I pass away, the thought of having to do so with my eyes does freak me out a little bit. When I was younger, people at elementary school used to ask me if I had colored in my eye or whether I was a witch. I can’t remember ever truly being bothered by it though. When I started dating my ex, I remember we were standing outside and he kept staring at my eye. Eventually, he asked me how it was possible that the tree was reflecting in my eye so much! Hahaha. Like these stories, I have a story about most people when they first come in contact with my eye. I like that! I think that I would be quite similar if I were born a boy, or a brunette, or tall, or anything, but I can’t imagine not having my heterochromia. I have become truly attached to it! Although perhaps a bit of an arrogant thought, I like to think that I have this eye because it has something to do with me, some role to play for me. Of course, it is special because I inherited it from my father, although he only has it very mildly. I really, really hope one day one of my children will have it as well! I am not usually very attached to my looks or physical attributes to such an extent, but my heterochromia for me is very important. It’s a part of me! As I am someone who likes to gaze into others eyes, and people have told me I have an intense gaze, my heterochromia fits that quite well I think. I hope other people connect my heterochromia to my soul as well, and that perhaps my eyes are something they will remember. My mom’s background on her iPad is a photo of my eye. I sometimes even get messages over Facebook from people who want a photo of my eye who I met once, or they have nicknames for me related to it! Finally, the movie iOrigins. It is definitely not necessarily a good movie, but it has always somehow been quite an important movie for me because of my heterochromia! I cannot wait to hear more of the mythologies and science surrounding heterochromia that will become apparent from “Heterochromia – Children of Hags” book, who knows what I will recognize as well!