“I met thousands different people, but none of them was like me”

 heterochromia project
heterochromia project

During 20 years of my life, I met thousands different people, but none of them was like me.

As a child, I always considered myself weird, creepy and a bit of a freak. I felt like I do not belong.
Kids in my school would question me if I see everything in green and brown colours and when I asked if they see the world in blue, they realised how stupid the question was. I think they felt sorry for me.
Then, during my teenage years I was annoyed when every magazine advised what eye shadow a girl should use to match their iris. What if I have more than one colour ha? (and yes, it was a 1st world problem for a 15-year-old me ;)). On every single photograph, the difference in colour was so visible and I hated it. Again, freak.

In my head, I knew somebody up there is having a lot of fun…

Now, I love myself the way I am. People still do not believe me that my eyes are REAL, but I do not care anymore what everyone else think. I am different but I feel good about it. I feel unique.
The norm is boring, heterochromia is much more fun!