My sucess is a part of your sucess

Maria Cavali - About Photography

Couple weeks ago I got interviewed for quite popular Lithuanian online news portal DELFI. I did not know when the article going to be published until my friends started tagging me on FB posts.

It was very sweet that so many people I know seen the article without me telling them.

Anyhow, I got a very sweet message from my dear friend Justina (we have met while volunteering at “Jaunimo Linija” emotional support for youth call center). Justina was and is very supportive along the way, she was sending me books, letters and postcards that would really brighten my first days in Amsterdam.

Maria Cavali, wow, you are an inspiration:) Remember our visit to Amsterdam and beginning of your path. I am very impressed, seriously ;)*

P.s.. I am spotting each and every Heterochromiac I meet. The coolest story was when I saw one barista with two different color…

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