“In the Army whenever we had to put camo on our faces I always looked the coolest.”

I had a music teacher in second grade that asked me, “why do you think you’re so special?” I was without a doubt acting out in some fashion (I never took music class very seriously). In response, I told her, “I’m unique because I have two different colored eyes.” Seemly she was asking a rhetorical question… I spent the rest of second-grade shelving books in the library during music class.

I look rather young for my age… and I once took a rather terrible drivers license photo (didn’t really look like me). Under the section of the driver’s license that says eye color mine says: DI (that is what they put in Oklahoma for eye color if your eyes don’t match). But on to the point… I’ve had several instances of trying to buy alcohol where the clerk flat out told me that he didn’t believe my license was actually me… At which point I would ask, “Do you really think I went around looking for and then subsequently found another guy who looks similar to me, who also happens to have two different colored eyes, and then somehow managed to convince him to give me his license all so I could come in here and convince you to sell me a bottle of wine?” They always ended up selling me the wine, which they should have. Would have been a brilliant plan if I wasn’t actually old enough to buy alcohol and I had done all those things.

In the Army whenever we had to put camo on our faces I always looked the coolest.

I’ve had a few girls bring up the movie, Practical Magic where the little girl wishes for a guy who could never exist and one of the things she asks for is that his eyes are different colors… So I’ve been a hit with girls who like that movie.

(link to the scene where she makes the wish [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4v5FcBARE ])